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The Hyperloop concept was proposed by Elon Musk in 2013 as a high-speed transportation system. Travelling directly between major cities at speeds above 700 mph, the Hyperloop system seeks to revolutionize the model of long-distance transportation.

About Us

The HyperJackets is Georgia Tech's entrant in the Hyperloop competitions. Our primary purpose is to research, design, build, and test Hyperloop pod concepts to improve high-speed ground transportation methods for the benefit of all of humanity. Our secondary purpose it to represent Georgia Tech in Hyperloop design competitions, including but not limited to those directed by SpaceX.


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Our Preliminary Design Presentation

This is the preliminary design presentation that preceded our final design package. It contains a high level summary of our design.

Becoming a Sponsor

Sponsorship Package

Supporting the GT Hyperjackets

There are multiple ways to support the GT Hyperjackets.

  • Become a financial sponsor. Sponsorship money goes towards pod design, prototyping, construction, competition fees, and outreach.
  • In kind donations; parts donations or services. Parts donations are essential towards manufacturing the robot.
  • Any of the above or both will be highly appreciated.

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsoring the GT Hyperjackets can be a mutually beneficial partnership.

  • Increased brand recognition for your company. Competitive companies attract media exposure and audiences in SpaceX's California based competition track.
  • Investment in the future. Hyperjackets trains dozens of talented Georgia Tech students in engineering and computer science fields.
  • Contributions are tax deductible for your company.

Our Sponsors

Contact Us

For inquiries regarding membership or sponsorship, please reach out to gthyperloop@gmail.com.